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Zeel is in need of more information! Zeel is lacking a complete, more detailed History, with events from Rowan and the Travellers, Rowan and the Zebak and Rowan of the Bukshah concerning Zeel.

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Biographical information

Travellers (adoptive)


None, leads a nomadic lifestyle on Maris

Land of the Zebak (formerly)



Physical description




Eye colour

Pale blue

Hair colour


Personal information
  • Unnamed mother †
  • Unnamed father †
  • Ogden (adoptive father)
  • Travellers (foster family)



Zebak Central Control
The ice creepers
Devil trees

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Rowan and the Travellers

Last appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah

Zeel is a Zebak girl who was raised by the Travellers. She is the chief of the Travellers' Forerunners.[1]


Early life[]

Zeel was born in Zebak city, where she lived during her early childhood. When she was four years old her parents tried to flee with her from the Land of the Zebak by boat so that Zeel could live in freedom and safety, away from Central Command's pointless war, but were unfortunately killed in the attempt, giving their lives so that their daughter could live freely. Zeel was later washed-up on the Maris shore and found by the Travellers, who took her in and raised her as their own.

Rowan and the Travellers[]

Zeel is one of the three Forerunners who greeted the Rin Welcomers and Rowan when the Travellers made camp on the hills surrounding the village.[1]

Rowan and the Zebak[]

Zeel went with Rowan, Allun, and Perlain on a mission to rescue Annad from Zebak lands. While infiltrating the city, she recalled several buried memories from her time as a young child there, including an instilled fear of the predatory Ishkin outside the city. She was later able to use her Zebak resemblance to disguise herself as a guard and get the rest of the party into the prisoners' complex.

Rowan of the Bukshah[]

After hearing that Rowan was in danger and needed her Zeel flew to Rin, where she was met by Lann. Lann gave her the fourth coat which was destined for her, as she was meant to accompany Rowan up the Mountain. Zeel then flew to meet Rowan, Shaaran and Norris, who were surprised at her arrival. Out of fear for her life, for their quest to defeat the ice creepers would be dangerous and life-threatening, Rowan tried to persuade her to return to Maris, but Zeel would not be moved.

Physical appearance[]

Zeel is almost as tall as Marlie, with straight, black eyebrows and pale blue eyes. She is sterner-looking than the rest of the Travellers, due to her Zebak descendance. Her hair is long, curly, tangled and brown and threaded with flowers, feathers and ribbons. Like most Travellers Zeel's feet are sun-browned from walking on the ground barefoot. She wears loose bright silk clothes. Her skin is light, a trait from her Zebak heritage, but is tanned brown from spending almost her entire life out in the sun with the rest of the Travellers.[1]




Rowan of Rin[]



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