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Zebak city
Physical information

East coast of the Land of the Zebak


Land of the Zebak


Zebak guards

Chronological information
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Rowan and the Zebak (only appearance)

The Zebak city was a large city located on the west coast of the Land of the Zebak, inhabited by the Zebak people. It was situated on the edge of the Wastelands and had a huge, metallic mirrored wall.

The Zebak were led by a government known as Central Command, which stirred fear in its people and continually spurred efforts to conquer the neighboring land of Maris. While many Zebak actually lived and worked on the more pastoral land of Old Rin within the city, guards and officials were led with militaristic discipline within command centers of the city, whose interiors had a much more advanced and brutalist design.
The Zebak were skilled in unknown methods of programming the minds of prisoners, and were able to totally remove the memories of their slaves, as well as plant a dormant command in the psyche of a captured Maris boy.


Early History[]

The Zebak tried many times to attack the island of Maris, but were rebuffed by the united strength of the Travellers, the Maris folk and the people of the Valley of Gold, and the powerful seaborne magic of the Keeper of the Crystal.
During the first Cold Time on Maris, the Zebak attacked the weakened Travellers, who called for aid from the Valley of Gold. On the way, they were attacked, captured, and taken to the Zebak city to serve as slaves, where their people remained for generations.
The Zebak would eventually select out the strongest and most courageous of their slaves, to have their memories wiped and be sent to Maris to help them invade. However, they turned on the Zebak and helped to fight them off, later settling in modern-day Rin.

Rowan and the Zebak[]

In a fresh attempt to conquer the Maris, the Zebak began training grachs as beasts of war instead of burden. In an early test, a grach successfully flew solo to Rin and kidnapped Annad. This prompted Rowan, Zeel, Allun and Perlain to mount an expedition to retrieve her from Zebak lands.
The group was able to infiltrate the city and find Annad where she was being kept in the home of the last few Zebak slaves, and flew her and two others back to Rin with the help of a tame grach, leaving the Zebak with no slaves remaining.
The Zebak mounted a full attack mounted on war-trained grachs that same day, but their combined presence woke the Dragon of the Mountain, who forced them to flee.