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"The slaves are scattering! Hiding their sniveling heads!"
— The Zebak Commander expressing his misguided satisfaction over the Rin people's scattering

Zebak Commander
Biographical information

Zebak city, Land of the Zebak



Cause of death

Fell to his death (demise indirectly caused by the Dragon of the Mountain)

Physical description

Human (Zebak)



Personal information

Zebak Central Command, Bara, Bara's handler


People of Rin, Travellers, Dragon of the Mountain

Chronological and political information
  • Commanding Officer of the Zebak Grach Invasion Fleet
  • Member of Zebak Central Control

Zebak Central Control
Grach Invasion Fleet

First appearance

Rowan and the Zebak (only appearance)

This unnamed individual was a Zebak man and war chieftain appointed by Zebak Central Control as the leader of their failed Grach invasion fleet, which he met his death leading on Rin, falling from the back of Bara to his death.


Rowan and the Zebak[]

As he approached the village of Rin in the lead of the Grach force, the Zebak War Chieftain grinned with delight as he beheld what he believed to be the Rin 'slaves' scattering, only to cry out in anger as Bara nearly dismounted him in a sudden roll. The commander scoffed when his handler informed him that the sudden movement was one of fear, unable to believe anything could inspire terror in a Fighting Grach and demanding the handler deliver a whip lash to Bara's hide. However, before his command could be carried out, the Zebak's confidence turned to shrieks of terror as the Dragon of the Mountain came hurtling from it's icy home and before he could act, Bara began bucking, sending the Zebak war leader plummeting from his saddle to the grasslands he had intended to enslave, screaming a futile plea for help as he plummeted to his doom.