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"You are not fit to lead the Plumes. You are not fit to be Piper."
Nols to Worron.[1]

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Worron is a Pirran and a former Piper of the Plumes. His magical and political power and title as Piper was taken away from him by Nols after he refused to light the cavern, revealing his nature, and when the rest of the Plumes joined her in revoking him of these perks.[1]


Worron was elected Piper of Plume sometime before Lief, Jasmine, Barda and Glock visited and was given all their power subsequently.[1]

Cavern of The Fear[]

Worron had Glock and Jasmine captured when they found their way into the underground sea. He planned to sacrifice them both to The Fear, in hopes that the creature would not ask for another sacrifice for twice as long as usual. When Lief and Barda then arrived, Worron was convinced by Nols to allow them the chance of ridding them of The Fear. However, he refused to provide them with light to see with. This prompted Nols to denounce him as Piper, recalling all his past failings before the entire Plume tribe and removing him of his power. She later became his successor.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Worron has the large pointed ears, long muzzle deahtly pale skin, short height, and hairlessness of all Pirrans[1], safe for the Kerons who have blonde hair,[2] and Auris of the dome, as he is taller, have a less sharp faces and golden brown skin.[3]

As Piper of Plume, he wears a long scarlet robe and a tall, stiff head covering decorated with red stones.[1]


Worron is a greedy and cowardly ruler, who sought only to better his position. He is also highly mistrusting of strangers and like all Plumes, despised the Aurons and Kerons. After the Fear was defeated, Worron may have become a little more friendly and less greedy. [1]


As Piper of Plume, Worron, had all the powers of the Plumes and could light the caverns around the island. It is likely that he is also a talented musician in order to become Piper.[1]


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