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Wise Fish
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Opal territory part of the Broad River




Scales, long wispy tail

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The Shifting Sands

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Secrets of Deltora

The Wise Fish is a species of large fish native to the section of River Broad in Opal territory. They are extremely smart fish and are said to have the ability to communicate. Locals consider it bad luck to injure a Wise Fish and there are many old tales surrounding the fish.[1]

They are highly respected and admired by Opal dragons, for they do not hunt the fish and consider them the guardians of the Broad. Wise Fish also equally respect the dragons and care for their safety and well-being.[1]


Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran spoke to a Wise Fish on his travels around Deltora, and recorded them in his book, Secrets of Deltora.[1]

The Shifting Sands[]

Lief, Barda and Jasmine were sheltered from an Ak-Baba by a school of Wise Fish after leaving the City of the Rats. Lief thought they were trying to drown the trio, but Jasmine claimed the fish spoke to her, and that he could hear them too if he would only listen.[2]

Return to Del[]

A school of Wise Fish was with Queen Bee when she received the signal from the Resistance about the Belt of Deltora's reformation.[3]


Wise Fish are large, silver and have a wispy green tail. They have wispy fins also and long barbels. Their scales, despite being silver can appear to be multicoloured. In certain light, parts of the body can be red, purple or even green. The fins, however, are white with streaks of purple, blue and green. While most Wise Fish are longer than an average sized arm, they can grow as large as a Muddlet foal.[1]


Wise Fish are extremely cunning and will not take a baited hook and can break through a net. Legend has it that Wise Fish have long memories, never forget and injury to a member of their tribe and will eventually take revenge on anyone who tries to do them harm. However, it is also said that Wise Fish, when treated with respect, can actually help a human in need. Many tales talk about small children rescued from trouble in the Broad by groups of Wise Fish working together.[1]

Wise Fish also have the ability to communicate to humans by making bubbling sounds that humans here as words. Only in very rare cases do Wise Fish communicate to humans, as most of the time humans only hear the sounds as normal bubbles.[1]


It is unknown what food source the fish eat.


  • It is said that some foolish hunters who speared Wise Fish close to the bank were dragged in the river to their deaths when the speared fish dived. The survivors, however, all drowned, apparently by accident. For this reason, dragons do not prey on Wise Fish, as they are regarded as guardians of the river.[1]


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