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Who is Dain is the forty-eighth episode of Deltora Quest.


As an army of Ols attack, Lief and the others finally find out who's been leaking information about them to the Shadow Lord.


The episode starts with Dain making an evil laughter. The group of seven tribes questions him about his laughter and much to their surprise, he's a Grade 3 Ol. He then orders other Ols to attack the group while he takes the belt to give it to Shadow Lord. Lief then follows him and challenges him to a fight. While fighting, he reveals that he has got some special abilites as he recuperates strong body parts every time they get cut. Lief then tries to stab him on his right side of chest (being the side his heart is on), but misses, and to much to his horror, he has given him the shield to his weakest part. As Lief was about to lose, Fallow interrupts, due to the fact he was jealous of him because of his declaration that the Shadow Lord will replace him. On the other side, all Ols are killed but Grey Guards interrupt, but only Jasmine, Barda and Doom are captured, with Doom severely injured by Grey Guards, while others move to secret a room of palace and wait for Lief.

Meanwhile, Dain then verbally accuses Fallow and insults him. Lief finds that opportunity and grab the belt, put it to Dain. With the belt burning Dain, Lief then stabs the Ol's heart from the back, killing Dain. Afterwards, Manus tells Lief about the news of the group. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Doom regains his memory and says to Jasmine to run away from here. Jasmine is then astonished when he call her, "My little girl", revealing her to be his daughter.


- Lief

- Jasmine

- Barda

- Doom

- Manus


- Dain

- Ols

- Fallow

- Grey Guards

Character debuts[]


  • The Japanese title translates to "The True Identity of Old-time Friend Dain".