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Western Stronghold Stone Door
Western Stronghold
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Amethyst territory




The Resistance

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Dread Mountain (only appearance)

The Western Stronghold was a Resistance stronghold located within the western part of the Dread Mountain range. The stronghold could only be found by finding a crack at the bottom of a cliff.[1]


The Maze of the Beast[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine brought Dain to the stronghold after he saved them from a pair of Ols. At first they were barred passage and threatened with death, but Lief was able to determine the password and get the Resistance to grant them entrance.

Shortly after they were brought inside, Doom returned from patrol and had them arrested under the guise of believing them to be Ols. His true motivations were to learn what the companions mission was, but Dain helped them escape before he could.[1]

The Valley of the Lost[]

After confronting the companions outside the city of Tora, Doom offers them the chance to abandon their quest and become members to the Resistance. They refuse, but Dain agrees to come back to the western stronghold with Doom, since his hopes of finding his family in Tora were dashed, leaving the Resistance as his only true family.[2]



The courtyard has a path with some thick grass bushes leading to a stone door which can only be opened by a password that is hidden in the bushes. The courtyard is protected with flaming arrows which can be fired from all sides.

Main Hall[]

The hall contains mostly weapons and supplies with a large fire and rugs in the centre.

Testing Room[]

This room used by the Resistance to confirm if people are Ols by holding them for three days under constant supervision, waiting for the Tremor to take place. It is a small wooden room with an eye slot to allow guards to view the captives constantly. A small hatch at the bottom of the door allows food and water to be passed inside.


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