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The Wenn is a humanoid creature native to First Wood. Enslaved by the Wennbar, the species traps prey in order to feed its master warm flesh.[1]


Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran the Dragonlover mentioned the Wenn and the Wennbar in his book Secrets of Deltora.

The Deltrora Book of Monsters[]

Josef included the Wenn in his book The Deltora Book of Monsters, where he detailed information on their behaviour and relationship with the Wennbar.[1]

The Forest of Silence[]

Lief and Barda were attacked by a pack of Wenn while walking down Wenn Del. They were paralysed and left as offerings to the Wennbar in the Forests of Silence. They were able to escape after Jasmine gave them an elixir, which allowed them to move.

After escaping the Wennbar using Lief's cloak, the Wenn arrived to feed on the scraps according to Jasmine. The Wennbar called forth two of them and ate them, scattering the rest before heading back to its lair.[2]


The Wenn live in Wenn Del, a busy grove that guards the entrance to First Wood. During the day, the Wenn roam First Wood.[3]


The Wenn are approximately the height of an average ten year old child with long elongated limbs and red eyes growing from stalks on their shoulders. Cold-blooded, the Wenn moves by its two clawed feet.[3]

In the Anime, the Wenn are quadrupedal with triangular heads, visible mouths, and a more insectoid appearance.


The Wenn worship the Wennbar and regard the creature as a deity to be worshipped. Wenn hunt in packs and rub their lower legs together to generate a high pitch sound which disables prey. After disabling, they then sting and paralyse their prey. From there, prey is carried on the Wenn's shoulders to offer it their deity as a living sacrifice. Although the Wennbar sometimes chooses to eat Wenn if it is cheated of its meal, they do not rebel, but rather glory in their slavery.

Around every hundred years, the Wenn bathes the current Wennbar in oils, in preparation for its deep sleep. After sleeping, the Wennbar dies, giving birth to several young. The young fight each other, with the victor becoming the new Wennbar which the Wenn serve.[1]


The Wenn can only eat the leaves of certain bushes found in the bushy grove of Wenn Del in the Forests of Silence.[3] They are also known to consume the leftovers of the Wennbar's meals.[2]

Wenn Anime

The Wenn as they appear in the anime.


  • Despite both the Deltora Book of Monsters and Secrets of Deltora stating that the Wenn only eat leaves in Wenn Del, Jasmine says that the Wenn eat the leftovers of the Wennbar's meals, which has never been mentioned since.


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