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"Hand in hand they were married there, before a crowd the like of which Del had never seen.... But for Lief and Jasmine it was as if they were quite alone, for both of them were gaining the dearest wish of their hearts. "
The Sister of the South[1]

Wedding of Lief and Jasmine
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The palace hill in Del


Marriage of Lief and Jasmine

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The Sister of the South

The wedding of Lief and Jasmine took place in the spring following the first Dragon Night.[1]


The Sister of the South[]

Lief and Jasmine were married on the palace hill in Del on a spring morning. Jasmine wore a dress of green silk and flowers in her hair. Barda was Lief's best man, and Marilen served as Jasmine's maid of honour. Jarred and Sharn both watched the wedding, reminiscing about memories long gone.[1]

People from all over Deltora came to Del to attend the wedding. Nearly every ally Lief and Jasmine had encountered in their quests was present, as were Deltora's last seven dragons. While the dragons flew overhead, Manus and the Ralads played their flutes while Gers led a troop of Jalis knights in salute, alongside his companions from the Shadowlands, Brianne and Claw. Zeean lead thousands of Torans in a display of colour. Fardeep, the games master of the Champion Inn in Rithmere, was clapping and laughing alongside Rithmere Games Champions Joanna and Orwen.[1]

Even Tom and his sister Ava took vacations in order to attend the events.[1]


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