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Water eaters label
Water Eaters
General information

Throw into water


To remove water from an environment to create land

Chronological information
First appearance

City of the Rats (only appearance)

Water Eaters are an item sold in Tom's shop that, when tossed into the water, swell into massive, wobbling, gelatine-like walls that block water from entering, while sucking up the water between them, creating dry land.[1]


City of the Rats[]

Tom gives Lief, Barda, and Jasmine a tin of water eaters as their free gift for shopping at his store. The companions use them to cross the Broad River in order to reach the City of the Rats.[1]


The following instructions were found on the back of the box:

Water Eaters

Use with Care


Scatter Water Eaters sparingly wherever land is required.


Water eaters instructions

The instructions printed on the back of the box.

Effective for one hour only.

Handle with care.

Do not eat.

Store in dry place

*Note: The makers of "Water Eaters" are not responsible for any death, injuries, damages or other disasters that may occur before, during or after the use of this product.[1]

Water Eaters

The box of Water Eaters as it appears in the anime.


Water eater crystal

One Water Eater crystal sucking the river dry, as seen in the anime.

In the anime, the water eaters transform into massive crystalline towers that suck the water into their tips and bases to create land.


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