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The Warden is the supreme leader of Weld, who is traditionally male. The Warden resides in the Keep, located in Weld.


The title of Warden was created when the sorcerer Eldannen was betrayed by his advisor and friend. Eldannen was starting to doubt whether he had done the right thing in isolating himself from the outside world. When he grew old and frail, he told his advisor that he planned to abandon Weld and lead his people out of the city so that the freer air of Dorne would restore their magic powers. The friend pretended to agree with his master's plan, but in secrecy he thought it was madness. He wanted everything to stay the same. So one day the friend talked Eldannen into letting him join him on one of his many escapes through the golden Door and into the past. Here the friend attacked Eldannen and stole his bell tree stick, then he hurried back through the Door and closed it behind him. The magic of the Door would not let Eldannen return through it without his bell tree stick, and the attack had left him broken and unable to search for a new one. Back in the present time the false friend announced that Eldannen had died and left Weld in his care.

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The position of Warden is normally hereditary, traditionally passed down from father to eldest son when the reigning Warden dies or steps down, however the Warden also has the power to appoint anyone he wishes to be his heir.

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