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Wall of Weld is in need of more information! Wall of Weld is lacking a detailed History, with events spanning The Golden Door, The Silver Door and The Third Door. Also mention some history of the creation of the Wall, how the clinks settled inside the Wall and became the skimmers due to the jell and mention as much history as we know of the Wall workers - for example, some people have died on the Wall, including Kaz, father of Rye, Dirk and Sholto.

Wall of Weld
General information

Weld's only protection against invasion



Physical information

Surrounding the city of Weld



Chronological information
First appearance

The Golden Door

Last appearance

The Silver Door

The Wall of Weld is a thick circular rock wall surrounding the city of Weld and is the city's only protection against attack. The Wall, as well as the city, is divided into four sections, Northwall, Southwall, Eastwall and Westwall.[1] The Wall began as the rock of large, circular dead volcano at the centre of the isle of Dorne, in which Weld was built by Eldannen. Over the course of about a thousand years, the Wall has been thickened further under the rule of the Wardens of Weld, until the breaking of the Wall and the joined alliance between Weld and Chieftain Farr's people. The hollow rock of the Wall was also the dwelling place of the skimmers during the day, and where they evolved from clinks originally, through consumption of the jell deposits within it. This ended with the breaking.[2]


Early history[]

The Golden Door[]

The Silver Door[]

The Third Door[]

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