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Biographical information

The Shadowlands (formerly)



Cause of death

Cause unspecified; fell to his demise

Physical description

Human (presumably)



Personal information

The Shadow Lord

Chronological and political information

Laboratory Worker


Would-be-Laboratory Worker for the Harbour


Servant of the Shadow Lord

First appearance

The Silver Door (mentioned only)

Vrett was a laboratory worker sent by the Shadow Lord to an alternative future of Dorne as part of a group of five workers who were to join the Skimmer breeding program within the Harbour. In the shipwreck that followed, Vrett was the only survivor, but later lost his life when he met his demise within a Jell mine. His identity was later taken by Sholto so he could infiltrate the Harbour, which the he believed to be the source of the regular attacks on his home city.


At an unknown point in time, Vrett entered the Shadow Lord's service and became a worker in his master's breeding projects.

The Silver Door[]

Vrett was one of six workers sent by the Shadow Lord to join the Harbour facility and assist in breeding Skimmers that, through the special qualities of Jell, the Master's servants were adapting to attack in the light of day and cold of winter, as well as prepare for their testing. The vessel carrying the workers, as well as a crew, bypassed the Harbour accidently and was thus shipwrecked, whereupon all aboard but Vrett met their deaths. Somehow escaping the sea serpents that had begun picking off the bodies of his confederates, Vrett was washed ashore and staggered into the lands of the Diggings, possibly in a desperate attempt to make for the Harbour, leaving only footprints and the lifeless bodies of his drowned fellows. Vrett, however, most likely exhausted from his near-death experience, failed to see an abandoned jell-pit and died when he fell into it.

His body was subsequently found and stripped of it's belongs by Bones, who went on to sell them to Four-Eyes, who in turn proceeded to trade it to Sholto. Sholto would then be found by Kyte, a slave-hunter dispatched by the Lord of Shadows to find his lost ship and any survivors. Mistaking Sholto for Vrett due to his possessing a badge baring the name and with nothing else to show for it, Kyte then brought Sholto to the Harbour.