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Volunteer statement

The statement signed by the Volunteers and the terms they had to agree to.

Volunteer statement
General information
Created by

The Warden

In possession of

The Warden (formerly)


Sign with name


To inform the Volunteers about the terms of their pledge

Chronological information
First appearance

The Golden Door (only appearance)

The Volunteer Statement, also know simply as the Statement, was a legally binding document that Volunteers had to sign before entering the Chamber of the Doors. The paper was placed on a table in the centre of a waiting room with a crystal inkwell, a pen and a carved chest. After the document was signed, it got placed in the box, which contained other signed papers.[1]


All Volunteers signed the statement before a Volunteer could enter the waiting room before the Chmaber of the Doors. Rye signed it after he met the Warden.[1]

Terms and Conditions[]

The conditions to be agreed to were:

  • I hereby declare that I am of age, and that I am leaving the safety of Weld of my own free will.
  • I understand that once I am beyond the Wall, the Warden of Weld cannot be held responsible for any harm that may come to me.
  • I agree that if I do not return to the city within one year and one day, I shall be officially regarded as lost.
  • I swear that beyond the Wall I will not admit to being a citizen of Weld, even under the threat of death.[1]


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