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Biographical information
Alternative name(s)

Healer Vine


Unknown, possibly Del


Unknown, possibly Del harbour, or possibly a different island than Deltora (formerly)


At least 40-50 years old


Kay (as Star of Deltora healer)



Cause of death

Struck down by Mikah with the Staff of Tier

Physical description




Personal information

Mikah (formerly)
Dare Larsett
Crew of the Star of Deltora



Chronological and political information

Healer of the Star of Deltora


Captain Mikah's healer (formerly, eight years ago)
Presumed general healer on the Star of Deltora (formerly, eight years ago)


The Star of Deltora
Dare Larsett
Mikah (formerly; mutinied)

First appearance

The Hungry Isle (only mention)

Vine is a female healer who worked on the Star of Deltora while Dare Larsett went in search of the fabled Staff of Tier.[1] She, alongside all of Dare Larsett's crew, was killed by the Star's treacherous Mikah, in a mutiny after Mikah set anchor by the dreaded Isle of Tier.


Life on the Star[]

At an unspecified point in time, Vine, trained in the art of healing, met Dare Larsett and was recruited by him as the on-board healer of The Star of Deltora. Vine was obviously well trained and likely experienced treating the injuries and ailments typical on a seafaring vessel.

On the first voyage of the Star of Deltora, which Healer Vine sailed in, the crew first made landfall on Maris, then Two Moons, and finally Illica. Like all of those that crewed the Star (with the exception of Captain Mikah), Vine was unaware of the true reason for the trip, which was for Dare to take ownership of the lost Staff of Tier in Illica and bring it back with him to Del as part of his plan to cure the poor souls still suffering from the Shadowlands Invasion by passing the ancient artefact of the Sorcerer Tier on to King Lief. Larsett's decision to trust Mikah, however, proved to be a mistake, for the Staff awoke Mikah's greed and he claimed to be experiencing flares of pain from his maimed arm, leaving Vine baffled to the cause of such agony, the Healer reporting to Larsett that none of the remedies typically administered to such a condition.

Eventually, Mikah deceived Larsett and killed him for ownership of the Staff, then set the Star sail for the Isle of Tier. At the sight of the dreaded Hungry Isle and the wraiths that came streaming over the waves, the crew of the Star, Vine among them, mutinied and attempted to take the ship in fear, only to be struck down by the power-consumed captain. Vine's body would be found, sometime later, on the Star along with her shipmates, the skeleton of Dare Larsett strapped to the wheel and a message written by Mikah claiming that it was his sorry remains tied to the ship and Larsett who was now King of Tier.


Dare Larsett[]

As the healer of his ship, Dare Larsett and Healer Vine presumably enjoyed a friendly acquaintance. Larsett trusted Vine's skills as a ship's doctor and her bafflement over Mikah's 'pains'. Vine, in turn, was surely loyal to Larsett and viewed her first loyal as belonging to him. Ultimately, both were struck down by the same man: Mikah.


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