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Most of this is copypasta from the Adventure Time Wiki. I'll get around to actually making it... someday...

ಠ_ಠ Waddle D33 (TalkContribs)

About me

Heyo. I'm Waddle D33, helping out cool wikis. I'm a guy, currently in high school. I was first introduced to the Deltora universe in fourth grade, when a friend recommended The Forests of Silence. I've read all of the first series (excluding the first half of The Forests of Silence. It was slow and I got bored. Now I regret it. :P), Cavern of The Fear, The Isle of Illusion, and Shadowgate.

Current projects

(Lot to do here...) I'll start with removing nonexistent categories on articles. I'm also throwing around delete templates everywhere.

Category tags

Second person pronoun

  • This.
    • Remove any occurrences that an article mentions a reader directly, unless it's in a template, Main Page, quote from the series, etc.
    • 124 matches.

Pages linking to redirects

The Lake of Tears (Book)

The Belt of Deltora (belt)

The Pirran Pipe

The Shadow Lord


Thaegan's Children

Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod,
Pik, Snik, Lun, Lod,
And the dreaded Ichabod.
  • General rewrite of all of them (except for Jin, and Jod, as they're decent for now), make them at least look like good stubs, and them to categories.


Category:Main Characters

  • Add members to this category.


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Other wikis

  • The Artemis Fowl Wiki seems to be asleep right now; there are not many active users. That wiki has been up for some time, so there is not much to be done there.
  • I rarely go on Kirby Wiki, since that place is crowded with people.
  • Lastly, I will be on the Codename: Kids Next Door Wiki (as Numbuh 989 on Sector G). It's also a wiki about a cartoon show. If I edit on any other wikis, I won't stay there for long.
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