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Article edits, areas requiring technical grammar expertise, community discussions

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The Shifting Sands
The Maze of the Beast
Return to Del
The Sister of the South

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Hello! I'm Rey. I'm an admin who specializes in heavy edits and technical grammar.


I grew up on a solid diet of fantasy stories and fairy tales, and Deltora Quest has always been one of my absolute favorites. The world of Deltora never ceases to amaze me with all its complexity and characters, magic and monsters, and worldbuilding and wonder. I've read and reread all fifteen Deltora Quest books countless times. I've also read the Three Doors trilogy, the Rowan of Rin series, the first three Star of Deltora books, and most of the additional Deltora books.

About me

  • Been a Deltora fan since I was seven or eight years old
  • Favorite characters: all of them
  • Hardcore Lief/Jasmine shipper
  • Not a fan of the anime
  • Affiliate of the Mere tribe
  • Self-proclaimed resident technical grammar expert
  • Occasionally writes and draws things
  • Find me @

Books I own

"I do not give a fig!"
— Barda

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