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Old Rin in the Zebak city (formerly)

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Rowan of the Bukshah

Unos is a female working grach.[1] She once belonged to Thiery in Old Rin, but was brought to Rin in the process of rescuing Annad, Shaaran and Norris from the Zebak city. There, she was adopted by Sheba and lived in her hut.


Rowan and the Zebak[]

As a working grach, Unos was supposed to have her wings trimmed so that she could not fly. However, her master Thiery hated the thought of causing her pain, and managed to avoid doing so by bribery, on the promise that Unos would never fly while he yet lived. When the Zebak guard Zanel struck down Thiery, Unos killed him using her spiked tail. With Thiery's promise dissolved by his death, the seven companions flew back to Rin on Unos's back, helped by Rowan's skill at soothing beasts. Back in Rin, Sheba decided to relinquish her claim on the black Bukshah calf she had asked of Rowan in exchange for her help, saying that Unos was a far greater oddity.

Rowan of the Bukshah[]

Sheba kept Unos in her hut with the fireplace lit as the long winter continued. When it was decided for most of Rin to travel to the coast to seek aid from the Maris through the winter, Sheba conjured a heat spell that melted a path through the snow, leaving mounted on Unos' back before dawn with a cleared trail behind her.



Rowan of Rin[]



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