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The term "Undead" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.

The undead are beings that are deceased but whose bodies have been reanimated. They may be considered a form of ghost. Undead are created through magic, for instance through a curse.[1]

An undead may in a sense be considered as an "immortal" being or at least "undying" being, as undead beings do not get the final rest that normally deceased beings experience, being forced to be a living dead for eternity unless the condition is reversed somehow or they are destroyed. Undead beings are able to move around and perform a lot of the actions that normal living beings are able to do, though their bodies will decay like that of normal deceased beings.[1]

Known undead[]

Crew of The Lady Luck[]

The crew of Laughing Jack's gambling ship The Lady Luck were cursed by Verity to man the oars of the ship for eternity as she bound Laughing Jack to his oath to them that they would be allowed to have all the gold on board the ship if they would man the oars until new slaves could be acquired to take their place, and that if he took just a single one of the gold coins himself, he would take their place. This in turn cursed them to remain as undead humans once they died, forced to row then ship for eternity until new rowers or Laughing Jack himself could replace them.[1]

When Laughing Jack encountered King Lief, Captain Barda and Jasmine at The Funnel, he unknowingly took some of his own ship's gold when he took a bag offered to him by Jasmine in which was a gold coin that Barda had won and taken with him from The Lady Luck when him and Lief was on board earlier the same day. This caused Verity's oath-binding curse over him to come into effect, magically teleporting him to the upper deck of The Lady Luck which, having followed the three companions and being now anchored across from the point of The Finger, where the undead rowers grabbed him and dragged him down below the deck to force him to be enslaved to the oars. Presumably, Laughing Jack will become an undead rower himself once he dies and be forced to row the ship, however it is unknown if this will happen, seeing as the ship immediately tilted and sank beneath the ocean after this event and it is unknown whether this means the ship is gone for good or if its nature as a ghost ship that can vanish and reappear makes it safe.[1]

Known undead crew members[]


Hulking, violent, murderous and eye-patched, Beef was an easily persuaded person, especially when it came to gold or money. He failed to see through Laughing Jack's lies even when Coffin warned the crew about their fate, and as a result Verity's curse affected him, forcing him to man the oars of the ship until new slaves could be acquired to take their place, a fate that extended into his death where the curse turned him into a reanimate undead human, forced to keep rowing.[1]


Rat-faced Scrawn was a greedy man, unable to resist Laughing Jack’s offer of all of the ship's gold if the crew would man the ship's oars until Jack could replace them with new slaves, even though Jack always treated his crew unfairly. He was also not afraid to speak his mind to Jack when he ordered them to row, stating that they were not paid to man the oars and he did not wish to do so. But this changed when Jack made the offer. Once Verity cursed the ship and its crew, Scrawn was forced to man the oars until Jack could find new slaves to take their place, and the curse extended to his death, as he was reanimated as an undead human once he died, forced to keep rowing.[1]

Laughing Jack[]

An infamous con artist, a cruel man, brother of the shopkeepers Tom and Ava an unfair and unjust captain, Laughing Jack was cursed by Verity like his crew so that if he would ever take even a single coin from his ship's gold, he would take to the oars himself. It is not clear if he was forced to do so, however, though Verity's oath-binding curse on the ship might imply that once Laughing Jack took possession of the gold coin from his ship offered to him by []Jasmine]], he was forced to man the oars himself, eventually possibly becoming an undead human too. However his and the ship’s fate is ambiguous, as although he was teleported to the ship and dragged below deck by the undead crew, the boat immediately sank afterwards.[1]


Deltora Quest[]

Deltora Quest 3[]


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