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The term "Two Moons town" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.

Two Moons town
General information

Traders and their children, part swap dwellers


The "trading capital" of Two Moons



Physical information

At Two Moons harbour, along the crescent of the island


Two Moons

Form of government


Head of state

Council members


Gold and silver coins

Chronological information
First appearance

Two Moons (only appearance)

The Two Moons town is a bustling, thrusting trading port located at Two Moons harbour, along the crescent of the island of Two Moons.[1]


Two Moons[]

Appearance and layout[]

The island of Two Moons is shaped as a crescent moon, and the town is located along said crescent, in a long, narrow band. The streets are paved and lined with shops, stores and warehouses of every shape and size jostled together, their roofs and sides plastered with garish signs, most written in several languages. Very common are signs advertising shops selling sunrise pearls, although many of the pearls sold in the town are fake, and instead ordinary pink beads. There are guards stationed at the doors of the big stores around the harbour's edge, but the stores in the back streets are another question. There, children of shopkeepers will swarm around potential buyers, trying to either pickpocket them or lure them to their family's stores.

The street Britta was at when she visited Two Moons for the first time seemed a bewildering blur of colour and noise. The shops and storehouses here all look alike, with wide entrances gaping beneath canvas awnings that are fluttering with little flags and plastered with signs. Baskets and tables heaped with a huge variety of cheap goods spill heedlessly out into the roadway, as if intended to trip and trap unwary passers-by. Racks of vivid clothes flare in the sunlight, shopkeepers shout and beckon, flourishing silk shawls and jewellery, gesturing at trays of dolls and animal figures made of moulded clay.

Further along the street, the first laneway leads to a street narrower and dingier than most others, located on the very edge of town. Lining both sides, shabby stone and timber buildings, most of which look like small warehouses, stretches away to the left and right like a ragged cord threaded with dull, square beads. This street is usually deserted, and directly behind it is the swamplands, with the mist rising to stain the sky. It is here where the Two Moons Treasure House lie, a narrow shop sandwiched between two larger buildings.[1]



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