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Two Moons harbour
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Along the crescent of Two Moons


Two Moons

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Two Moons (only appearance)

Two Moons harbour is located along the "crescent" of the island of Two Moons.[1]


Trader Mab came into Two Moons harbour for the first time on a morning in her first year serving as the Trader Rosalyn Apprentice. She was spellbound by the dreamlike beauty of the island always present at dawn and dusk, and she thought she might have come to paradise. However as the sun rose, the dreamlike vision vanished and the town was shown for the bustling, thrusting town it was, where the business of buying and selling was all that mattered. The water of the harbour was shown to be muddy, with slimy posts supporting the jetties.[1]

Two Moons[]

Appearance and layout[]

The arc of the island's shore is spangled with small, glowing lanterns at night while the centre lie dark. The large, calm bay can is big enough to provide safe harbour for a dozen ships at once. At the shoreline, the muddy water of the bay laps sluggishly against great, slimy posts supporting a long line of jetties, each jetty bearing a large, bright yellow number. Numbered flags raised on the shore directs ships to moor at their respective jetty. Jetty 3 is right opposite the main part of the town.[1]



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