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The term "Turtle cave" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.

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Turtle cave is in need of more information! Turtle cave is lacking a history section with events from The Towers of Illica.

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Turtle cave
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Deceased corpse of Bar-Enoch

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The Towers of Illica (only appearance)

The turtle cave was a cave with a turtle-shaped opening located on the island of Illica. It led from the seacliffs just outside the island's harbour bay to the inside of the Blind Tower at the island's highest point, and was the only way inside the tower at the time when it was still standing. In the cave was a stairway carved out of the island's rock and a series of landings, and at the tenth landing was a rock wall with a hidden door leading to a black cavern that served as Bar-Enoch's final resting place and where he had left the Staff of Tier. The cave was made by Bar-Enoch himself, but whether through manual work or magic is unknown.



The cave was made by Bar-Enoch, although it is unknown if it was done through manual work by many people or by Bar-Enoch alone through the use of the magic Staff of Tier. The fact that no Illican seems to know of the cave implies the latter, and Britta also thought, when she and Jewel found the stairway a thousand years later, that it was probably made in "no time at all," implying magic might have played a part.

Discovery by Britta, Jewel and Sky[]