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Treaty charm
General information
Created by

The Fellan


To prove the treaty between the humans of Dorne and the Fellan

Chronological information
First appearance

The Third Door (only appearance)

The treaty charm was the magical token of the ancient treaty between the Fellan and humans of Dorne, and the pledge by the Fellan not to interfere in the wider affairs of Dorne. The charm was placed inside a gold casket in the museum of Nerra. When the museum collapsed, Rye and Sonia found the casket and the charm in the rubble.

The token is a small disc as thin as paper, with a surface that ripples of green and blue like water. The charm lay in a gold casket with a lid inlaid with blue stones, whose swirling patterns seemed to move, one moment making pictures of sea serpents and fish, the next the shapes of ferns and trees. When it the charm is held in someone's hand it brightens and the ripples swirl and form into the words of its oath:

When I was born
The spell was cast.
While I endure,
The Pledge will last.
Treaty charm (The Third Door)

The text on the treaty charm in The Third Door.



When the Fellan and humans of Dorne struck the treaty, a magical charm was forged as a token of the agreement. The charm was placed inside a tightly sealed gold casket, which was placed inside the museum of Nerra.[1]


When Rye and Sonia found the gold casket, Rye used the tiny key from his bag of powers to unlock it. Inside they found the charm, resting on a velvet cushion. When he removed it from casket, the cushion collapsed into dust and the charm displayed the words of the ancient oath on its swirling surface.[1]

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