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Traveller's Weed is a herb found on the Painted Plain and throughout Ruby territory.[1] It grows in clumps and have bright green, curly leaves. When eaten raw, Traveller's Weed tastes crisp, refreshing, and slightly peppery.[2][1]


Traveller's Weed was very common in Ruby territory before the placement of the Four Sisters.[1] With the Sister of the East's poison spreading through Deltora's east, it became much harder to find.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran the Dragonlover wrote about Traveller's Weed in his book Secrets of Deltora.

Dragon's Nest[]

Lindal found some Traveller's Weed for herself, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine on their way to Broome. After the ruby dragon, Joyeu, destoyed the Sister of the East, it presumably began to grow back like many of the plants in the land.


Traveller's Weed is good for the digestion.[1][2]



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