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Toran fortune-telling stones
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Tales of Deltora

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Secrets of Deltora

The Toran fortune-telling stones are a collection of forty small magical oval river stones, each marked with a different symbol. They have been used by Torans since before Tora was carved, in order to tell the future or help to make decisions.[1]

The stones are kept in an ancient woven bag from which a Toran leader slect them with their eyes closed. When casting, seven stones are gathered and are cast gently upon the ground. The leaders gather together to decide what the stones are telling, as most symbols have different meanings and the pattern in which the stones fall is also important.[1]


The origins of the stones are unknown.

Tales of Deltora[]

The ancient Torans used the fortune-telling stones to predict the splitting of the seabed north of the Land of Dragons, which resulted in the land joining with the neighbouring land of Pirra.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran the Dragonlover consulted the fortune-telling stones for answers regarding the decline of the dragons. The elders of Tora told Doran that the stones foretold that the dragons would be saved by a king of Deltora, whom they believed to be Prince Gareth. However, the stones were actually referring to Lief.[1]

Known stones and their meaning[]


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