• G,day everyone,

    Since I've become active again, it has been great meeting new people and reading what they've added to the wiki. However, before I left the wiki not many people had contributed to the anime plot summaries. I know it is hard work because I even forced myself to have to write about recent episodes (sorry if the summaries aren't great - I just want to try get some momentum going). I can also see that because the anime isn't cannon, people may not be motivated to do these. I think we need to get the summaries done because I see people commenting about how they like the anime.

    (I didn't mean to sound like I was growling at anyone. I just think that the episode pages are overdue for some attention)

    Enjoy the rest of your week,


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    • You are right! It would be great if someone or more people could actively work on those. 

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    • I'm going to try work on the next episode in a few days. At the moment I'm spending my last days at home, helping my dad to prepare for shearing.

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    • That is alright! Take it slow and enjoy the time with your dad :)

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