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The Seer is in need of more information! The Seer is lacking complete History, Physical appearance Personality and Abilities sections.

Bardamini name is — Berry. Of Bushtown.

The following information is based on the Deltora Quest anime and not considered canon.

The Seer
Biographical information



Presumably Raladin



Physical description



Both (depends on the transformation)

Personal information

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, Manus

Chronological and political information

Fortune teller

First appearance

Episode 55: The Trap of the Underground Labyrinth (only appearance)

The Seer was a fortune teller who owned a shop in the city of Raladin.


While Lief, Barda, and Jasmine where visiting the city of Raladin, they were approached by a man claiming to see the future. After some persuading, they decided to have their fortunes read. The Seer told Jasmine that she was destined for happiness alongside her true love. Then he told Lief that a curse had fallen upon him. He offered to tell them how to lift the curse, but Lief and Barda were not interested.

Later, Jasmine came back to the Seer's shop hoping to find a way to help Lief. Instead she discovered that the Seer was in fact Sorceress Thaegan The witch claimed that she had been brought back to life as a good witch and told Jasmine that she really did wish to help her.

She and Jasmine journeyed beneath the city to find a solution. Unfortunately for Jasmine, the whole thing was just a trap to lure her into a cage. When Lief and Barda come looking for her they too are surprised to see her alive again. However, it turns out that what they all thought was Thaegan was in fact another stray Ol.

In the end, the companions are saved by the spirits of the true Thaegan and all her children. Thaegan says that she only killed the Ol because it impersonated her.


  • The Seer is a character that only appears in the anime and is non-canon. He does not appear in the English dub, as the episode he debuts in, Episode 55, goes beyond the last dubbed episode.