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The Mysterious Ols

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The Mysterious Ols is the thirtieth episode of Deltora Quest.


Lief and the others reunite with Dain and learn about a new enemy: Ols.


Lief, Jasmine and Barda are walking along the river Tor hoping that Carn Squad will not catch them. There they spot two children drowning. Lief and Barda jump into the water to save them. Lief brings one ashore safely where as Barda jumps into deep water to save the other one, who had fallen in deeper water. One pretends to be drowned as other cries, asking to be taken away from the sight. Jasmine began to lead him away as Barda attempted to resuscitate Marie. Before the two Ols could fully separate the group, Dain comes from nowhere and shoots arrow on one of them. As Lief tries to stop him, the Ols reveals themselves,much to the trio's surprise. Dain kills one of them, whereas the other chokes Barda and nearly kills him but thanks to Lief, he is killed. Dain then tells about the Ols to trio and much to their astonishment, they are the shape shifting creatures which take their shape up to three days

As Dain prepares to leave it is found that he is hurt and cannot continue. Dain asks the group to take him to Resistance hideout to which the trio agrees. They tear through the bushes and the rough areas to the Resistance hideout. But there they are thought as Ols and asked whether to tell password or die. A flashback occurs to Lief with Dain telling him that "there is the password". A clever Lief quickly figures that the password is in the bushes. As he tells it to the rock, it open with all of them go inside where they are thought as Ols and kept in the room with Doom telling them to check it that whether or not they are Ols!

Character s[]


Character debuts[]

None, however it is the first time that Dain is seen without Doom.


  • The Japanese title translates to "The New Monsters, Ols".