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The Monster in the Lake of Tears is the sixth episode of the Deltora Quest anime.


Lief, Barda and Jasmine accompany Manus, a boy of the Ralad Tribe to the city of Raladin. Then they go to fight the monster of the lake, Soldeen.


Lief, Barda, Jasmine, Filli, Kree and the Ralad boy named Manus are making their way to the Lake of Tears. Manus guides them straight to Raladin, his hometown. On their way there, they reach a cabin. Lief knocks on the front door, but realises nobody is there. Jasmine communicates with the trees and finds out that the cabin had been attacked by Grey Guards. Manus runs in the cabin, collecting buckets, and telling the trio to bathe themselves using the well outside. At the same time, Manus also sees the resistance symbol, explaining through gestures that it represents the freedom of a bird.

Later, after resting overnight in the cabin, Manus leads the trio through a waterfall - to the city of Raladin. Manus runs around the city, only to find it empty. He sits upon a nearby fountain, and begins to play his flute. After a while, Manus realises that he is not the only one playing. The remaining Raladin-dwelling Ralads reveal themselves by opening a previously hidden compartment in some stairs leading up to the fountain. In turn, this reveals a huge underground city where the Ralads reside safely. Lief, Barda and Jasmine decide to stay there for a few days to rest.

As they prepare to leave, the Ralads warn them not to go - explaining that the only way to defeat the evil sorceress Thaegan is to draw blood. This is not possible, however, as her entire body is armoured by her magic. Still determined, the trio and Manus continue traveling to the Lake of Tears.

Soldeen attacking (anime)

Soldeen approaching Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Manus.

Eventually, they all reach the Lake of Tears, the location of the once populous city of D'Or. Together, they move ever closer to the middle of the lake. Kree senses danger. Suddenly some snakes appear almost from thin air, ready to kill the adventurers. Lief and Barda manage to destroy them all. As the belt grows warmer, Barda notices a figure swimming off in the distance - Soldeen.

Soldeen crashes out from the water, pushing Barda out of the way. Lief manages to dig his sword into Soldeen's side, however he is quickly knocked back. They need to do something - fast!



Character debuts[]


  • Manus is shown to be a highly talented flute musician - much like many of the other Ralads.
  • The Japanese title literally translates to "The Monster Living in the Lake of Grief".