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The Mines were a series of quarries in the Shadowlands located somewhere to the east of the Factory and Shadow Arena. Though it is never stated what exactly was mined from them, before the Conversion Project was put into action, many of the Deltorans taken to the Shadow Lord's vile domain as slaves were put to work there.[1]


The Shadowlands[]

After their enslavement, many of people taken by the Shadow Lord as its slaves — Rithmere Games fighters, farmers of the north, east and Plains Territory, Jalis warriors, palace guards, fishermen of the coast, Del citizens and Resistance fighters — were committed to forced labor in the Mines, where they endured harsh treatments that left many forever branded with the mark of their enslaver.

As the unveiling of the much-awaited Conversion Project neared arrival, the Shadow Lord sent its Ak-Baba and Grey Guards to the Mines to herd the captives west into the Shadow Arena, where it intended to infect all with its Carrier Worms. The herding was witnessed by Claw, Gers and Brianne and it was this that Claw later told Lief had made him conclude that his time of hiding and committing minor nuisance attacks was over.



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