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The Lantern is a newsletter written and edited by Crell publicising events and news for the city of Weld. After the first edition, daily editions were written and printed.[1]


The Third Door[]

In response to the Warden's rejection of Tallus' lantern idea, Crell decided to publicise the story in a newsletter in hope of gaining more supporters. The first edition wrote of Tallus' idea, whilst the second told of the breaking of the Wall. The newsletter was initially banned by the Warden, but eventually became so popular that daily editions were publicized and gained great public support.

The day after peace was made between Chieftain Farr and the Wall had begun being torn down, Rye, Dirk, Sholto and Jett were eating breakfast in the Keep kitchens when Crell entered and passed around the latest edition of The Lantern which included the news of the breaking of the Wall at the back of the paper. Crell had spent the entire night rushing the edition into print and had not had any sleep.

Crell was invited as the editor of The Lantern to the Warden's election of his heir, so that, according to Officer Jordan, the important event could be widely reported.[1]


Southwall to test new skimmer defence[]

The brave people of Southwall have volunteered to test, in their own streets, their healer Tallus's theory that we can repel the skimmers by flooding the night sky with light. They have sent a petition to the Warden asking for the Keep's assistance. 'All citizens of Weld should join the brave people of Southwall in urging the Warden to supply the large lanterns needed for our test,' Healer Tallus told The Lantern, as he left to deliver the petition. 'The Warden must be made to face facts. The skimmer attacks are getting worse. Our old defences are no longer good enough. If Weld is to survive, new ideas must be tested. If they fail, they fail. But they must be tried.' The full text of the petition, which was signed by every citizen of Southwall, is given overleaf.

The Wall is coming down[]

The day after Farr's attack on the Fellan and the breach of their banishing spell was averted by Rye and Sonia, The Lantern ran a story announcing that the Wall would be reduced to its original rock. The story mentioned that the foreman had all agreed to have the layers of brick put up since Dann's time taken down to the original rock, and that the rubble would be used to fill the jell trench below.


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