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The Islands of the Silver Sea
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A copy can be found in the Star of Deltora library


To inform readers about the islands in the Silver Sea

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Two Moons

The Islands of the Silver Sea is a book that contains short notes on every island in the Silver Sea, as well as maps. Britta read it in the Silver Sea section of the Star of Deltora's library.


Two Moons[]

Known passages[]

Two Moons[]

"TWO MOONS is a wealthy island, though little food can be grown there, most of its land being sour swamp. It is a thriving trading port, and it is a common saying that ‘gold is king in Two Moons’. The many stores offer a great array of goods from all over the Silver Sea and beyond, but the island is most famous for its rare pink pearls. ‘Sunrise pearls’, as they are known, are found only in the Two Moons swamplands and are highly prized …"


"ILLICA is the most remote trading island in the Silver Sea, and is the home of three clans known as ‘The Collectors’. The tower-like castles of these clans are museums of precious objects gathered over the centuries and added to by each new generation. Collectors rarely travel, so welcome foreign traders offering unusual, high-quality goods."


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