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The Island
Physical information

Slightly off to the eastern coast of Maris, east of the town of the same name



Chronological information
First appearance

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

Last appearance

Two Moons

The Island lies off the eastern coast of the island of Maris and was the place Orin, the first Keeper of the Crystal, discovered the Crystal and the place he travelled to in order to gather the rare ingredients for the antidote to the Death Sleep poison.[1]


Discovery of the Crystal[]

A thousand years before Doss became the Keeper of the Crystal, the man who would become the first Keeper, Orin the Wise, was fishing as the sun went down. The full moon had risen. The Great Serpent rose and chased Orin to the Island. There, in a small rocky cavern, Orin found the Crystal. When he touched it, it glowed. Orin stayed in the cavern all night, and the next morning he carried the Crystal to shore.

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal[]

Two Moons[]

When the Star of Deltora began sailing into the Maris harbour, Vashti noticed Sky looking at the Island, urging her visit it.[2]

Appearance and layout[]


Rowan of Rin[]

Star of Deltora[]



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