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The Hole
The Hole
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Ra-Kacharz (Formerly)

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Opal Territory

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City of the Rats (Only appearance)

The Hole is a long tunnel at the back of the city of Noradz. It was used by the Ra-Kacharz to transport food that had not passed inspection out of the city. Scarlet Night covers the walls of the Hole.[1]


The Hole was known among the citizens of Noradz as the only way in and out of the city besides the main gate. It was off-limits to everyone except the nine Ra-Kacharz.

Several years after the Shadow Lord invaded Deltora, a handful of people decided to brave the Hole in an attempt to leave the city. Their bodies were recovered the next day, stiff and foaming at the mouth. Nobody ever tried to use the Hole again to leave the city.[1]

The Hole companions

The companions moving through the hole, as seen in the anime.

City of the Rats[]

Tira told Lief, Barda, and Jasmine about the Hole when she freed them from the dungeons of Noradz. The companions decided to use it to escape the city, and Tira agreed to escort them through the city.

They arrived at the Hole after making it through the kitchens and defeating four of the Ra-Kacharz. After listening to Tira's story, the companions deduced that something lived in the Hole and was trained to kill anything not wearing red, so they stripped the Ra-Kacharz of their robes and took Reece, their leader, as a hostage.

The walls of the Hole were covered in a red fungus, and the floor was a moving conveyor belt. Reece freaked out when he realised where he was and broke free from the companions, only to die from the red fungus. They left his body in the Hole and continued until they escaped from the city.[1]


  • It is implied that the tunnel that is the Hole moves through or under a hill.


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