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The Sister of the South

Swift is a palace horse used by Jasmine.[1]


Dragon's Nest[]

Swift was chosen as one of the fifteen horses to serve as mounts for King Lief's quest to destroy the Four Sisters. She was ridden by Jasmine up until the Forests of Silence. When it was apparent that an assassin was following the group, Barda decided to split the company into two groups that would meet up at Broome. Swift went with the palace guards and the Capricon Rolf to Ringle while Lief, Barda and Jasmine travelled through End Wood on foot.[1]

That night, Rolf transformed into a false Ruby dragon and slaughtered the guards. Swift survived the attack with two other horses, Honey and Bella. They eventually found their way into the hands of a moneylender named Laughing Jack, who used magic to transform them into large black horses identical to his, the former keeper of the Bone Point Lighthouse, Red Han.[1]


Swift and her fellow horses were forced to pull Laughing Jack's wagon to the Funnel so he could dispose of Zerry and the Belt of Deltora. During the trip, Jack taunted the thirsty horses with a bucket of water.[2]

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Steven arrived at the Funnel to reclaim the belt. While Steven distracted Jack, Jasmine recognised the horses through their magic and attempted to rescue them. However, Jack soon caught onto what was happening and fled with the horses.[2]

The Isle of the Dead[]

Swift, Honey, Bella, and Red Han pulled Laughing Jack to Ava's shop so Jack could impersonate his sister and lead the companions to their deaths. When Jasmine convinced Jack to take a coin from his former ship, The Lady Luck, he was taken aboard and his spell over the horses was broken.[3]

The Sister of the South[]

Swift, Honey, and Bella were ridden by the companions when they returned to Del to look for the Sister of the South. Later, at the wedding of Lief and Jasmine, Zerry made sure the horses could witness the entire event.[4]


Swift is coal-black and smaller than Honey and Bella.[1]



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