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Two Moons

The swamplands is a vast, mysterious wetland covering a large portion of Two Moons. It is the native home of swamp dwellers and sunrise pearls. In the centre of the swamplands is the turtle people's territory, which is forbidden to outsiders. Here grows the swamp orchids that give the island its sweet smell and the lilies that produces the famous sunrise pearl.[1]


Many people have attempted to venture into the Two Moons swamplands, however most simply vanished without a trace, never to be seen again. Stories grew over the ages of the swamp dwellers' being hostile to any outsider intruding on their lands. One of the few people who have visited the swamplands and returned safely is the pirate captain Bar-Enoch who was said to have spent several days in the swamplands before he returned to the town. Afterwards, he never spoke of what he had seen in there.[1]

Two Moons


Swamplands slug

The swamplands slug, called imbuck in the swamp dwellers' language, is a species of giant grey slug with two black-spotted humps in the middle of their backs. They are the size of horses and are used to pull sleds through the swamplands.[1]


Swamp orchid



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