The swamp orchid is a pale-coloured flower that grows in the swamps of Two Moons, as well as on the Isle of Tier. The seeds of the flowers can be used to make a strong sleeping potion.[1] The sweet called tuppi are made of a part of the flower by the swamp dwellers and can only be made when the flower is blooming. The swamp dwellers keep most of every season's batch for themselves.[2] The flower is known for its sweet odour.[1]

The petals of the swamp orchid are pale, speckled and fleshy and spider-like. They grow thickly at the roots of the swamplands trees, and trail from their forked branches. The scent of the flower is faint in early morning, but as the day warms, it grows stronger and richer, rising to wreathe the swamplands in a haze of dizzying sweetness.[2]


Shadows of the Master

Two Moons

While hiding in the sled of the swamp dweller boy Stassi and peering out from the canvas cover, Britta saw many swamp orchids clustering at the roots of the trees and hanging from their forked branches.[2]


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