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The term "Sunrise pearl lily" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.

Sunrise lily

A pearl lily in the swamps of Two Moons.

The sunrise pearl lily is a pink flower that grows in the swamplands of Two Moons, in patches of the pale swamp mud. They grow on the surface of the mud, facing upwards, surrounded my circles of green leaves. Their petals are many and are pointed, forming a cup-shape. The rare sunrise pearls grow in the centre of the flowers, like bizarre fruits, and are harvested from them by swamp dwellers.[1]

Two Moons[]

Stassi attempted to harvest a sunrise pearl from a lily using a goozli. Unbeknownst to him, Britta was in the back of his sled and became one of the few outsiders to learn the secret of the swamp orchids. A giant swamplands slug attacked the slug pulling Stassi's sled, knocking Stassi into the swamp. Britta went to save him, and in the commotion the swamplands orchid slipped beneath the mud and the pearl was caught in Britta's hair.[1]


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