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Barrier Mountains, Shadowlands


Anything edible

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The Shadowlands

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Secrets of Deltora

Stingers are monstrous creatures found in the Barrier Mountains and the Shadowlands.[1]


Secrets of Deltora[]

During his travels around DeltoraDoran observed Stingers near Shadowgate. When Doran was commissioned to journey the land to write Secrets of Deltora he wrote about Stingers as well as other monsters of the Barrier Mountains.[1]

The Shadowlands[]

Stinger in shadowlands

A Stinger in the Shadowlands.

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Emlis encountered a Stinger with its young while escaping from the Wild Ones. The young Stingers killed many of the Wild Ones before splitting from the mother, who was injured in the fight.[2]


Stingers normally live in the Barrier Mountains but can also be found in the Shadowlands. This is probably the case because some Stingers venture inside the Shadowlands which is fairly close to the Barrier Mountains. After the Shadow Lord put the shutting spell in place, these Stingers could no longer escape from the Shadowlands.[1][2]


A Stinger has a dome-shaped body that resembles a jellyfish. Sometimes, a Stinger will be seen with its young in pouches that edge its body. It then appears as if the Stinger has many heads. The young have tongues as long as a the parent Stinger and therefore are just as dangerous.[1]


Stingers wander around until they spot potential prey. When prey is nearby a Stinger will use its tongue to attack and capture prey. Stingers sometimes carry their young in pouches. The mating process of Stingers is unknown.[1]


A Stinger eats any living thing that it captures though it presumably prefers meat.[1]



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