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Staff of Tier
General information
Alternative name(s)

The Staff[1][2][3][4]
Staff of Life and Death (on a stone left by Bar-Enoch in the turtle-shaped cave on Illica)[3]
Staff that Cures All Ills

Owned by

Tier (formerly)
Bar-Enoch (formerly)
Dare Larsett (formerly)
Mikah (formerly)

Created by


In possession of





To bring life to the Isle of Tier, perform magic, cure all ills and grant the wielder eternal life



Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

The Staff of Tier was an ancient magical weapon and artifact which was created by Tier out of bitter vengeance for his people's rejection of him. It was very powerful in the hands of the wielder, but carries a heavy burden. The Staff is said to have been able to cure all ills. The wielder of the ancient relic was known as "the Master of the Staff".[1] The Staff grants the wielder eternal life granted they, but they still need to eat in order to not waste away, however it also makes them able to conjure up any food and drink. The wielder of the Staff would be nearly all-powerful, but only as long as they were holding the Staff in their hand.[2]

The Staff was long and made of black diamond formed out of the black sand from the shore of the Isle of Tier which had been compressed. It contained all of Tier's magic and negative emotions. When Tier had created the Staff, he brought it to a cavern at heart of the isle and stuck it in the ground, thus causing the island to become alive, able to move where it willed and consume everything in its path. When Tier at last decided to die, the Illican pirate Bar-Enoch sought and found the Staff, and through trickery defied the curse Tier had put on it and took it for himself, thus making the Isle of Tier stagnant.[1] When Bar-Enoch at last decided to die, he did so still clutching the Staff of Tier. The Deltoran trader, Dare Larsett, found the Staff in Bar-Enoch's tomb in the turtle cave in Illica and, using a goozli bought from Thurl in Two Moons he took it in order to bring it back to King Lief of Deltora. However, he was betrayed by his ship's captain, Mikah, who murdered him and took the Staff for himself, bringing it back to the Isle of Tier and causing it to become alive once more.[4]

The Staff was destroyed by Britta's goozli, who dragged it through the mud of the Isle of Tier and dropped it into the water at the shore, after which it dissolved into tiny bits of glittering sands.[4]



After Tier were betrayed by the people of Two Moons and exiled by them to a small, remote island, he created the Staff of Tier out of vengeance for their actions by taking handfuls of the black sand from the island's shore and pressing it between his hands until it became diamond. He poured all his magic, grief, passion and rage into the Staff. He then went to the heart of the island, and plunged the Staff into the earth, causing the island to come alive and granting it the ability to move where it willed and devour other life where it found it. Ships, monsters of the deep and even smaller islands were consumed by the Isle.[1]


Tier lived for centuries, but he eventually grew bored with life and welcomed death. While he died the island lived on. One day a pirate named Bar-Enoch came to the Isle of Tier, and by trickery defied Tier's spell and took the Staff, wresting it from the island's heart and bringing it with him to use for his evil deeds. Thus the Isle of Tier were no longer able to move or consume anything.[1]


Danger! Do not open!

The lid of the lead-lined box that Larsett stored the Staff inside of, with a warning painted on it, after eight years of not being touched.

Shadows of the Master[]

Two Moons[]

The Towers of Illica[]

The Hungry Isle[]



The Staff of Tier was a long, sleek, black diamond staff, made from the compressed black, glittering sand of the shore of the Isle of Tier.[1]

Staff of Tier trailer 2

Staff of Tier trailer

CGI art of the Staff of Tier as it appears in the Shadows of the Master trailer by Scholastic Australia.


The Staff of Tier had the ability to make the Isle of Tier come alive and kept it alive as long as its tip was buried in the earth of the island within the cave at the centre of the isle. It also allowed the wielder to conjure up non-living things such as jewels and riches,[1] as well as food and drink of any kind,[2] and allowed the wielder to destroy things too, including conjured things.[4] It allowed the wielder to breathe fire, command the wraiths of the isle, levitate anything, and sense events happening at a distance, though in an area at a certain distance from itself, the Staff ceased being able to affect anything with its magic.[3] It could all ills,[1][3], and heal any injury.[3] The Staff granted eternal life to the wielder as long as they held it in their hand, but they still needed to eat in order to not waste away. In the hands of the wielder, the Staff makes its Master practically all-powerful.[2]




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