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"Maddened with rage, the sorcerer drew his cloak of shadows around him, and took up his magic staff. He stormed to each of the island’s corners in turn and struck the sisters down, one by one."
— The narrator in Tales of Deltora

Staff of the Shadow Lord
General information
Alternative name(s)

The magic staff, the Shadow Lord's magic staff

Owned by

The Shadow Lord (formerly)

Created by

Unknown, possibly the Shadow Lord

In possession of

The Shadow Lord (formerly)


Channel magic powers and cast spells


Channeling and focusing the Shadow Lord's part-Fellan magic powers and casting his spells through it


Lost to the sea, possibly rotted away

Physical information

Presumably somewhere in the Silver Sea if it still exists

Chronological information
First appearance

Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

The staff of Malverlain, the staff of the Shadow Lord, or simply the magic staff, was a wooden magic staff wielded by the Shadow Lord when to the Isle of the Four Sisters. When the sorcerer fled the Isle, after having awoken the beast that dwelled there, he lost the magic staff to the sea.[1]


The Shadow Lord's magic staff was made of dark brown wood, long and thick. It was knurled and ended in a tangled mass of windy wooden thinner branches at the top.


The origins of the Shadow Lord's magic staff is unknown but had it with him since before he sailed to the Isle of the Four Sisters, from a time when he was still a mortal sorceror named Malverlain.[1] It is possible that it has its origins on the isle of Dorne, the Shadow Lord's original homeland when he was still known as Malverlain.


  • If the Shadow Lord's magic staff came from Dorne, it is possible that it might be the branch from a bell tree, just like Eldannen's magic staff was.[2]
  • Malverlain's magic staff bears some resemblance to the magic staff wielded by Gandalf in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, as well as the wooden magic staffs of many magic-practitioners depicted in even older fantastical literature all the way back to the middle ages.


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