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Spirits, or ghosts, are the souls of once-living beings. Spirits usually do not manifest themselves in the living world, unless called upon by means of magic, but they may linger there for whatever reason, for example because of unfinished business. Both good and evil spirits exist. Once dead, a person's spirit usually resides in the spirit world. The Topaz of the Belt of Deltora has the power to bring the living into contact with the spirit world.[1] The Ruby has the power to ward off evil spirits.[2]

The dead may also linger as undead, though these kind of creatures are usually the result of a curse forcing the body of a deceased being's corpse to remain and be reanimated, forcing the being to remain in a state between life and death permanently until lifted. An undead's body will decay yet still function.[3]


Tales of Deltora[]

Adin unintentionally summoned the spirits of Liza and Dodd to help him cross the River Broad.[4]

The Forests of Silence[]

Jasmine touched the Topaz and saw a vision of the spirit form of her mother, telling her to leave the Forests and join Lief and Barda on their quest.[1]

Dragon's Nest[]

Lief used the Topaz to call many spirits of both the living and the dead to help him destroy the Shadow Lord's crystal. Among these spirits was Lief's father, Endon.[5]

The Sister of the South[]

As Lief struggled against despair in the palace chapel, he touched the Topaz, causing Josef's spirit to appear among many others.[6]

Rowan of Rin[]

Marlie mentioned spirits were abroad, but was quickly dismissed by Bronden, telling her that she was better off not listening to the Travellers' tales. Later, Jonn told Bronden that the spirits of the swamp had played a terrible trick on him, against his will.[7]

Shadows of the Master[]

Known spirits[]


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