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Warden of Weld (father)[]

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Love interests[]


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Faene D'Or[]

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Shadow Lord[]

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Sonia wanted to find who was breeding the skimmers and destroy the person. It was later revealed that the skimmers that attacked Weld every summer had come about on their own with the help of the jell found in the Wall of Weld, however in the alternative timeline Sonia, Rye and Dirk found a ruined Dorne, ruled by someone referred to as the Master, who was later revealed to be the son of the chieftain of Dorne many years ago. The son was originally a human sorcerer with Fellan blood, but he had gradually turned into something else. It was now known as the Shadow Lord and had his domain to the north of a land called Deltora. A strong magic there had thwarted the Shadow Lord's plans to conquer Deltora. In this alternative timeline the Shadow Lord had returned and invaded Dorne after its banishment. It had enslaved the people of Dorne and forced them to dig for jell. With the jell it bred more advanced skimmers, which it intended to send to Deltora. Sonia with the help of Rye, Dirk and Sholto prevented this future from happening and created the opportunity for Weld to make friends with the other towns and people on Dorne.