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Sky sphere
Sky sphere
General information
Owned by

Dare Larsett (formerly)
Unnamed person of Dorne (formerly)

Created by

Unnamed person of Dorne, presumably a Fellan or part-Fellan

In possession of



Look into


To show swirling, moving colours on the inside resembling a sky



Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master (mentioned)

Last appearance

Two Moons

The sky sphere is a magical glass ball. Inside, it shows the sky in miniature as it is in real time, changing as the sky changes. The detail is extraordinary, showing what clouds there are and what birds are flying. It will show the colors of sunset as the sun really set, show a miniature moon and tiny stars as they appear in the night sky, and will show boiling clouds and jagged lightning when it is storming.[1] It is set into a low silver stand. The sphere has its origin on the island of Dorne.[2]


The sky sphere was created on Dorne through magic, presumably by a Fellan or part-Fellan.[2]

Shadows of the Master[]

Dare Larsett found the sky sphere covered in dust in a dark corner of a tiny, out-of-the-way shop in Dorne. The sphere became Larsett's most prized possession and he always kept it on his writing desk.[2] He took it with him when he left to seek out the Staff of Tier and traded it to Thurl, a leader of the swampdwellers on Two Moons, in exchange for a goozli.[1]

Two Moons[]

After Britta saves the life of Stassi, one of the swamp-dwellers, Thurl attempted to offer her the sky sphere. By saving his life, Stassi was bound to serve Britta for the rest of his and she hoped Britta would accept the sky sphere instead of Stassi. Britta, recognising it as her father's, refused, fearful that Mab would also recognise it as Dare Larsett's and not wishing for there to be any link between herself and her father.[1]


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