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Skimmer Breeding Program
General information

Invasion of Dorne


Harbour, Dorne (alternative future)

  • Project experiences severe setback, with the majority of specially-bred Skimmers being slain
  • Captured slaves escape from imprisonment
First appearance

The Silver Door

Last appearance

The Third Door

The Skimmer Breeding Program was a project ordered by the Shadow Lord in an alternate future of Dorne to reproduce Skimmers as living weapons by using harvested Jell to breed a new generation of Skimmers immune the daylight and cold, which the Shadow Lord intended to use to conquer Deltora. The project, along with the entire future it existed in, was rendered non-existent by the actions of Rye, Sonia, Dirk and Sholto.



Malverlain's Banishment[]

Failed Invasions of Deltora[]

Alternate Future[]

Attack on Dorne[]

With its plans to lay claim to Deltora foiled and the number of its seven Ak-Baba reduced to four, the Shadow Lord opted instead to redirect his attention to fulfilling his vow of taking his country of origin, Dorne, and using it as a front to direct attacks on Deltora. He was prevented, however, from directly attacking the island by the ancient circle of magic woven around it by the Fellen and maintained by their Treaty. As a result, the Shadow Lord set in motion plans to destabilize the relationship between the people of Dorne and the Fellen by inflaming hatred for the latter in the human population and to ensure this, he implanted within their most influential traders a family loyal in secrecy to it. A member of this family, Trader Barron, ultimately joined the advisory council of Chieftain Farr and secretly instigated attacks on the New Nerra countryside, stoking anger in order to eventually provoke an attack on the Fellen, which would break the enchantment,