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Sisters map

The map with the rhyme.

The Sisters' rhyme was a poem put on Doran's map of Deltora by the Shadow Lord, to trick and taunt anyone that discovered the Four Sisters. The map was split into four pieces, each containing one verse of the poem and the location of one of the Sisters. The poem describes the Sisters but has a double meaning - the ending sounds like destruction of the Sisters will bring peace, but it really refers to the grey tide. When lines were drawn from north to south and east to west, they crossed in the middle at the city of Hira, where the grey tide would rise.

The poem[]

Sisters Four with poisoned breath
Bring to the land a long slow death

But death comes swiftly if you dare
To find each sister's hidden lair

Their songs like secret rivers flow
To hold the peril deep below

But if at last their voices cease
The land will find a final peace


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