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Silver Sea is in need of more information! Silver Sea is lacking a detailed History, with events from Tales of Deltora, the Rowan of Rin series, Deltora Quest series and Star of Deltora series.

Silver Sea
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To the west of Deltora

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Tales of Deltora

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The Hungry Isle

The Silver Sea is a large, open body of water located to the west of Deltora, and is one of the nine seas in the world. It borders the Ocean of the South to the east. Islands located in this sea includes the Isle of the Four Sisters, Two Moons, Maris, the Land of the Zebak, the Isle of Tier and Illica.



  • Kobb — large golden-brown amphibious monsters
  • Sea worms
  • The Glus — the sea worm that would grow into the Glus came from the Silver Sea.

Islands and other geographic features[]

Isle of the Four Sisters[]

Main article: Isle of the Four Sisters

The Isle of the Four Sisters was an island that existed in the Silver Sea. Four sisters lived there and kept asleep a huge monster that lived beneath the island with a song. When the sisters were killed by the Shadow Lord, the giant beast woke and smashed the island, causing it to sink beneath the sea.

Two Moons[]

Main article: Two Moons (island)

Two Moons is small trading island in the Silver Sea which is mostly covered in treacherous swampland. It was the birthplace of the half-turtle man Tier. The island is shaped like a crescent moon. The island is home to the turtle people.


Main article: Maris

Maris is home to the mer-like Maris people, the Travellers and the people of Rin. A large mountain rises from the island on top of which dwells a dragon. The people of Rin are the ancient enemies of the Zebak.

Land of the Zebak[]

Main article: Land of the Zebak

A land to the east of Maris, home to the war-like Zebak who once enslaved the people of Rin.

Isle of Tier[]

Main article: Isle of Tier

The Isle of Tier, also known as the Hungry Isle or simply Tier, is a living isle in the Silver Sea created by the half turtle man Tier.


Main article: Illica

A small, almost perfectly round island, Illica is home to the Collectors whose ancestors were pirates.


  • Emily Rodda revealed at the Melbourne Writers Festival in 2012, that the islands on which her Rowan of Rin series is set, are located somewhere to Deltora's west. In the Star of Deltora series it was confirmed that the islands, called Maris and the Land of the Zebak, lie in the Silver Sea.