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Stabbed through the heart by Trell

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Light blue

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Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

Sheela was a servant of the Shadow Lord who led the Greers during the Shadow Lord's first invasion of Deltora.[1]


Tales of Deltora[]

Sheela was one of the people of the Land of Dragons who willingly joined the Shadow Lord's side. She was made commander of a troop of Greers, but the invasion was halted by winter.[1]

Sheela and another commander, Wrass, sacked and made camp at Raladin, the capital city of the Ralad tribe. Due to Raladin's lack of resources, many of their Greers froze to death. Sheela spoke to Wrass about the state of the war, which Wrass cautioned her against, since the Shadow Lord had spies everywhere. A moment later, a shadow appeared over the camp. Thinking it was an Ak-Baba, Sheela threw herself on the ground and pleaded for her master's forgiveness. However, Wrass identified it as a ruby dragon, which had been sent by the Ralads to provide a distraction so they could rescue Adin, who was hiding nearby.[1]

In the following spring, Sheela was given a fresh troop of Greers to finish off the remaining armies of the Land of Dragons. She and another commander, Trell, were ordered to attack the city of Hira, which was the last bastion of resistance in the north. Sheela suspected that they were walking into a trap and tried to warn Trell, but he ignored her and sent his Greers forward to fight the Plains soldiers. As a result of this, all the Greer's under her control were killed in the Ralad's pit trap.[1]

The pit eventually filled with bodies, allowing Trell's army to engage the Plains soldiers, but by this point reinforcements from the Del, Jalis, Ralad, Mere, and Dread Gnome tribes had left the city and were decimating the Greer forces.[1]

Realising the battle was lost, and that she was no longer needed, Sheela prepared to ride away. When Trell questioned her, she mocked his incompetence in the battle, causing him to stab her through the heart. As she died, Sheela thanked Trell for giving her a quick death over facing their master's wrath.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Sheela had white hair, black teeth and wrinkled skin. She wore an eye patch over her right eye, although it is unknown why. Her hair, although messy, had two braids, tied together with a red bead.[1] Sheela's skin was white and her one eye was light blue.[nb 1]


Sheela was short-tempered and was known to speak her mind. She was also a decent and cautious commander, shown during the Battle for Deltora where she was suspicious of the Plains army's choice to meet the Greers outside the walls of their city.[1]


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