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Sheba is the current Wise Woman of Rin. She lives in a hut beyond the Rin orchard.[1]


Early life[]

It is unknown how Sheba gained her magical powers. It is possible that she was born to the Wise Woman or Man before her or that the magic wielded by the Wise Women and Men of Rin can be learned and does not have to be inherited.

Rowan of Rin[]

Marlie, Jonn and Rowan visited Sheba in the hopes of gaining advice for their journey up the Mountain to restore the stream. Though Sheba accepted the gift of cheeses that they bring with them, she mocked the two adults, saying that the Mountain would destroy their strength and that they were not as brave as they liked to think. She spoke a strange rhyme at them, which the three Rinfolk mistake as nonsense, but which was meant to guide them along their quest. Seemingly out of spite, to teach the adults a lesson, she threw a stick at Rowan's head, knowing that he would soon discover that it was a magical map which only he could hold and read, thus forcing him to join the Mountain party and guide them on their way.[1]

Rowan and the Travellers[]

Rowan and the Zebak[]

Rowan of the Bukshah[]

Physical appearance[]

Sheba is an elderly woman. Her skin is grey – pale – and so is her hair is grey and hang like thin, grey[1] greasy[2] tails[1] or ropes[2] around her face and shoulders.[1] Her teeth were long[2] and brown[1] and yellow and her eyes were black.[2] When Rowan saw her when he, Jonn and Marlie went to ask for a route up the Mountain, she was wearing a purple rag bound around her forehead.[1]

Sheba's black eyes are so black that they look like black holes in her face,[2] and in firelight they shine and glitter scarlet red.[1]


Sheba is described as having a rude personality, which is shown in the book Rowan of Rin (book) by her throwing a stick at Rowan causing his head to bleed. Despite her terrible attitude, she is not a villain and helps the main characters many times. (e.g her giving Rowan the map to the mountain in the first book and her helping Rowan, Zeel, Perlain, and Allun in Rowan and the Zebak).


As the Wise Woman of Rin, Sheba had extensive knowledge of healing, medicinal herbs, plants and other healing remedies, as well as some knowledge in magic, being able to wield and cast spells of her own. Examples of Sheba's magical abilities include fortune-telling and having prophetic visions, creating magical twigs that could cause the words of a prophetic verse to sound in her own voice when burned, creating a magical map that was blank to anyone but Rowan,[1] and weaving a powerful heat spell that could melt the snow of the Second Dark Time so that she could leave a path to the town of Maris at the coast of the island for the people of Rin to follow.[3]


Rowan of Rin[]



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