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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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General information

Shadow Lord, Grey Guards, Ols, Deltoran Slaves (before Jasmine, Lief and Barda rescue them)


Domain of the Shadow Lord

Physical information

Originally Pirra


Pirra (formerly)

Form of government


Head of state



Shadow Lord

Chronological information
First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Last appearance

The Third Door

The Shadowlands, previously known as Pirra, is the Shadow Lord's domain and the birthplace of Ols, Grey Guards and many other creatures and monsters. Originally known as Pirra, the Shadow Lord took over the island and made it his own after he came to Deltora. The majority of the land is deserted and dead, with mountains and hills in various and several shapes.[1][2]


Shadowlands map-0

The Barrier Mountains separated the Shadowlands from Deltora.

Tales of Deltora[]

After the death of the Piper, the people of Pirra were divided on who should be their new leader. The Shadow Lord, back when he was still the sorcerer Malverlain, used this divide to split apart the Pirran Pipe. He then invaded the following day, corrupting the land to its core. The Pirrans used the last of their magic to command the earth to swallow them up and they ended up in the underground caverns.

During the first invasion of Deltora, the Shadow Lord would bring prisoners back into the Shadowlands for experimentation and entertainment.[1]

Doom's escape[]

Some time after the destruction of the Belt of Deltora and the scattering of the gems, Jarred and Anna fled to the Forests of Silence. Grey Guards eventually found them, captured Jarred and presumably killed Anna. Jarred was taken to the Shadowlands and forced to fight in the Shadow Arena. However, he was able to escape the Shadowlands while being pursued by Grey Guards. He finally encountered a man named Doom of the Hills at Kinrest. Doom of the Hills saved Jarred by giving him medical care. Unfortunately the Grey Guards had followed Jarred to Kinrest. They killed Doom of the Hills but Jarred was once again strong enough to destroy the guards afterwards. He created a grave for Doom of the Hills and took his name (Doom) because he suffered from amnesia and could not remember his own name after the events in the Shadowlands.[3]

Beginning of the Resistance[]

During the reign of the Shadow Lord over Deltora, some slaves escaped the grip of the Shadow Lord in the Shadowland. Claw was brought as a slave to the Shadowlands and was experimented upon to eventually become a Wild one. He gained enhanced talons and used these to escape the experimentation chambers. He then roamed the Dead Plain and found caves underground. Later he would encountered Gers who had escaped the Shadow Arena. They teamed up and later Brianne also joined them when Claw and Gers rescued here from the dangerous of Dead plain. There were other people that escaped their captors in the Shadowlands and joined Claw's Resistence such as Hellena, Pieter, Tipp, Pi-Ban, Moss and Alexi.

Cavern of The Fear[]

After the Shadow Lord was banished from Deltora by king Lief, it took thousands of Deltoran's back to the Shadowlands as prisoners. The most recent batch were the people of Noradz.[4]

The Shadowlands[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine finally entered the Shadowlands to free the slaves. They were teleported by the Kerons to a large plain known as Dead Plain. Initially, the companions tried to move in the direction of the barrier mountains for cover but Lief ran into the Shutting spell. They discover that the shutting spell prevents beings from getting out the Shadowlands. Emlis was with the companions but when they were arguing he disappeared out of sight. Lief quickly realised that he had been overrun by Scuttler Beetles. They managed to save him before he was killed by the carnivorous beetles.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones.

Shortly after they found Emlis, the Wild Ones started to crawl from their shelter. They spotted the companions and gave chase but they were interrupted by the mark of the Shadow Lord that appeared in the sky. This apparently affected the Wild Ones in some way; they feared that mark. The companions used this to their advantage but the Wild Ones still came after them.

As they ran away from the Wild Ones, the companions spotted a rocky formation and they climbed over it. They climbed over another row of rocks but encountered a Stinger there. The Wild Ones were unable to locate the companions properly and the Stinger slowly cornered them. Lief then alerted the Wild Ones and they came rushing over the rocks. Soon the Wild Ones were entangled in a fight with the Stinger and this allowed the companions to escape.

The companions regrouped and discussed how to proceed. They agreed to move west but Lief was seized by Claw before they could move. A long discussion between the Shadowlands Resistance members and the companions emerged. Eventually they agreed upon helping each other and they all set off to the Shadow Arena.


The companions encountered a Stinger.

The group moved trough an underground tunnel and found the second Resistance cell. It had been raided by the Shadow Lord and its servants. The members of the Resistance who lived in the cell were either killed or taken prisoner. Shortly after the discovery, the group exited the cell and began to move towards the Shadow Arena.

Factory Corrected

Overhead drawing of the layout of the Factory, accurately drawn from the description in The Shadowlands.

While moving towards the Shadow Arena, the group saw the Factory looming in the distance. Claw turned around and spotted a Vraal moving towards them. He ordered everyone to run and Jasmine took the lead. The Resistance members went into hiding immediately when they reached the Garbage mounds. However, Jasmine had led the companions the wrong way and suddenly they were right in front of the Factory. They all tumbled down into the Garbage mounds and realised that those mounds mostly consisted of expired Grey Guards. The Vraal closed in on the companions but they entered the Factory and shut the door before it could harm them.

Inside the Factory the companions discovered the terrible secret of the Grey Guards. They were made in the Shadow Factory and only lived 7 years after which they were replaced with a new batch. The compansions had to hide because two servants came to inspect the developing Grey Guards. One of the voice of the servants sounded familiar to Lief. He tried his best to look at the two people without getting caught. At first he only saw one person who resembled Fallow, the other smaller person was facing away from him.

Conversion project

Carrier worms in their hundreds.

When at last the smaller person turned around, Lief saw it was Tira. He knew that something was wrong with her because he did not recognise the girl who had saved them anymore. She seemed completely brainwashed. The companions quickly moved to another room to avoid being spotted. As they moved on, the companions saw a door marked with the words 'Conversion Project'. In that room they discovered the Shadow Lord's plan and why Tira was not herself. The companions found the box with the carrier worms and realised those were the source of evil. They would control you once they had entered your body.

The companions heard 3-19 and Tira approaching and quickly moved through another door. In that room they found the Dread Gnome Pi-Ban who was locked inside a cage. They tried to free him but were unable to. Jasmine privately inquired to Pi-Ban about her sister but he only heard that she went to the Shadow Arena before him. At that moment the guards entered the room and the companions quickly hid themselves on the cage under the covers.

The guards began moving the cage to the Shadow Arena while the companions remained hidden on top of it. Claw and his party saw the cage and suspected something was amiss. They began to sneak after the cage. Soon the cage arrived at the Shadow Arena and it became clear that the Shadow Lord was going to put the Conversion Project into action. While Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Emlis waited on the cage, Claw appeared and told the companions to flee. Lief refused and told Claw to pass the word among the slaves in the Shadow Arena that they had to fight for freedom very soon. Reluctantly Claw scurried away while the companions waited.

Shadow Arena

The Shadow Arena as it appears in the anime.

In the centre of the Arena Hellena, a former member of the Resistance, stood and addressed the audience about the Conversion Project. She ordered that Faith was brought to the center. At that moment Lief and Barda understood why Jasmine had been acting strange since they started journeying to the Shadowlands. All this time she wanted to save her sister from misery. The Grey Guards near the cage realised that they were about to be summoned and decided to pull down the covers. Otherwise they would be disobeying direct orders from the Shadow Lord. This action exposed the companions and they were struck down and put inside the cage with Pi-Ban.

Lief slowly came to his senses and realised he still had the Pirran Pipe. At that moment the Conversion Project was unveiled and 3-19 was struck down by the Shadow Lord because he hesitated to open the box with carrier worms. He had hesitated because Lief told him that this would be the end of his kind. The box was opened nevertheless and the worms emerged in their thousands.

Emlis was nowhere to be found so Lief realised that he had to play the Pipe himself. He blew on the Pipe and one clear note echoed in the Shadow Arena. All evil drew back and the carrier worms fell from their victims and thrashed where they lay. One note from the Pirran Pipe could only hold back evil for a moment so Lief had to blew on the Pipe again. Jalis slaves attacked the Grey Guards in the arena under the command of Gers, they bent the cage bars so Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Pi-Ban could escape. Lief heard a sound from underneath the cage and Barda and Gers heaved so Jasmine could drag someone from underneath the cage. It was Emlis and Lief immediately passed the Pipe over to him. He played the Pipe like never before and the song was heard in the Underground Caverns. The Pirrans united their magic and teleported the companions and all the slaves from the Shadowlands to the secret sea. [5]

Fauna in the Shadowlands[]

Despite the dead appearance of the Shadowlands, some animals do live within it. Some roam wild near the shutting spell or across the plain. Others are servants of the Shadow Lord and members of the Shadow Army. Some are sentient, semi-sentient, or non-sentient.[1]

No flora has ever been identified, but here is some of the fauna:


The Dead Plain[]

Main article: Dead Plain

The Factory[]

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Garbage mounds[]

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The Mines[]

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Shadow Arena[]

Main article: Shadow Arena

The Shadow Arena is a large stadium where slaves fight Vraal for the entertainment of the Shadow Lord and his creatures.

Resistance Hideouts[]

There are two Resistance hideouts in the Shadowlands.

One is called Cell 1 which is where the headquarters and water supply is. The second hideout, which was called Cell 2, was discovered by the Shadow Lord and raided.[5]


The Slahdowland Military power is the Shadow Army, the main tasks of the army are protecting the shadowlands and destroying any resistance cells or slave rebellions.

One thing that should be noticed, is that the military power of the Shadowlands is large enough to invade many countries if given enough time and resources.

The reason why the Servants of the Shadow Lords are not consider as a military force is because, they mostly do espionage and and other things, then fighting


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Other Books


  • Shadowlsnd is one of the fantasy classics, land of pure evil, the aim is to make the reader feel a fearful and loathsome off the land.


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